About Us

Our company has continued its determined and consistent progression in its activities of furniture manufacturing, home and office decoration, interior architecture, design and application it has started in 1993 by taking the tradename Sefaart İnşaat Mobilya ve Day. Tük. Mal. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. in 2005.

Our firm which has adopted growing in the sector by institutionalizing as a principle and target for itself, has realized the necessary leaps in the developing furniture sector, has increased its quality and production capacity every passing day, has fulfilled the needed machinery investments. Our firm that has realized the foreign projects also beside our domestic projects successfully, having sufficient experience in exports also, continues its steady progress on the way of branding.


Our firm has obtained the registration of the BWBLACKWHITE brand in 2008 and ensured you, our customers to be able to recognize the quality products easily. Our firm carries on its production in our factory located in İzmir-Kemalpaşa Armutlu industrial zone, established on an area of 6500 m2 having a closed area of 3800 m2.

  • 2014 - Opening of the New Factory Building
  • 2008 - Registration of the Blackwhite Trademark
  • 2005 - Registration of the Sefaart Trademark
  • 1993 - Incorporation

Our Mission

Is to make a contribution for our customers and their clients to live in more modern and happy environments, not just making production.

Our Vision

By producing modern human focused projects based on respect to the human and nature, to contribute more to the development of our Country and World every passing day.

Company Profile


Quality, Safety, Eligibility and Comfort. Prestige, Efficiency and Productivity. Teamwork. Being open to change and keeping up with innovations. Environmentally-conscious activity.


To pursue satisfaction of the employees and customers. To attach greater priority to customer satisfaction than gaining profit. To work honestly. To keep every promise made on time.


The Sefaart Companies Group has stepped into the Construction industry with the BLACK & WHITE trademark, and as a first in this field, it started the building of the bw73plus villa project . We are producing the villas with plentiest oxygen in Kemalpaşa, the most favorite town of İzmir.

bw730plus Village Project